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Why YouGuard?



YouGuard is a Windows ® machine security login enhancer that integrates with employe e access cards and other tokens. Adding an extra layer of access security to Windows ® machines.

Our 2FA protects against PTH, PTT. Access to a Windows machine is provided based on 3 datapo ints; token data, a PIN and YouGuard. These data points are used to create a session based hash that seamlessly logs users in to Windows machines.

The session based hash means YouGuard secures Windows access each time a user logs in. This combination ensures access is only ever granted to the right individual.


What Makes YouGuard Special?


Hardware Felxibility


While YouGuard is focused on using the employee access card as a token, we would like our users to have the flexibility of choice. The token can be in the form of:

  • USB Stick
  • Employee Access Card
  • Smartphone App


Encryption Felxibility

  • AES 128 Bit
  • AES 192 Bit
  • AES 256 Bit
  • RSA 2048 Bit
  • RSA 4096 Bit


Environment Felxibility

Active Directory

YouGuard can operate with or without Active Directory. This makes YouGuard effective in enterprise rollouts as well as air gapped networks and small environments.



YouGuard works effectively with:

  • Custom Certificates
  • Standard Certificates
  • No certificates
  • Proprietary Certificates